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Dr. Darlene Allen Nichols

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You Survived! – DVD


Dr. Nichols delivers a message of the power of surviving. No matter what has happens in your life, you will survive!

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    In the capacity of CEO for DAN Ministries, Dr. Nichols has served communities by providing food and clothing for low income families, orchestrating free training seminars for young women, providing educational supplies to elementary school children, and facilitating parenting and anger management classes.

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    Darlene is an outstanding business professional who has the talent and energy to make a positive difference with everything and everyone she touches.

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Dr. Darlene Allen Nichols now oversees the Allen Referral Service founded by her parents, Professor Ernest & Evangelist Lorraine Allen. Do you need a musician for your church, wedding, funeral, graduation etc.? Call us today at 855.326.2255. Allen Referral Agency
This study evaluated, analyzed, and assessed the reasons for the low level of advancement of African American women into CEO-level positions within the banking industry in Chicago, Illinois. Related to these observations, there were several purposes for the execution of this dissertation. The core purpose of this research was to identify workplace barriers (for example, glass ceilings and stereotypes) to African American women attempting to achieve the highest employment positions in banking. This study took a closer look at some of the factors African American woman faced when attempting to receive senior-level promotions. PhD Dissertation by Dr. Darlene Allen-Nichols

Dissertation - Recommended for Doctoral and Master level students.